Museum More

Ruurlo Castle, the second location of Museum MORE, has been open for  public since June 2017. The museum collection focuses on the life and work of the master artist Carel Willink. The exhibition shows the development of an artist searching his way, and who grew to become a truly extraordinary painter. In addition to 45 works by Carel Willink, five special creations by fashion designer Fong Leng can be seen.

The unique Ruurlo Castle is situated 2,5 kilometers from our hotel. It is one of the region’s most beautiful castles and is surrounded by a beautiful and lush English landscaped garden. Ruurlo Castle itself has also reached a very respectable age. Its name appears in archives as far back as the fourteenth century.
A visit to this historic site is a magical experience. A ticket to the museum entitles you to explore the rooms of the castle. And for those who do not wish to visit the museum, the surrounding English landscaped gardens and the restaurant, Oranjerie Ruurlo, are open to the public.

We have a special offer for visitors of the museum.
On presentation of your entrance ticket we will offer you a welcome aperitif and coffee with sweets when you have dinner with us.


Opening hours:
Tuesday to Sunday, 11am to 5pm.
Ruurlo Castle is closed on Mondays as well as on Christmas Day (December 25) and New Year’s Day (January 1).