Salad of Dutch shrimps with whisky sauce  (16)

Marinated salmon with a fried squail’s egg, apple and a jelly of parsnip  (15)

Foie gras: goose liver (18)

Vegetarian salad: various vegetables, fried quail’s egg, cream of Parmesan cheese and beurre rouge (14)

“Salade Riche”, consisting of fried goose liver, sweetbread, serrano ham,  lobster claw, tempura of jumbo shrimps and salmon (29)

Fillet of brill with chopped vegetables, olive-oil and citrus  (16)

Lobster soup with jumbo shrimps (10)
Asparagus soup with salmon  (7,50)



Dessert of strawberries (10)

Bavarois of Baileys and orange with sherbet ice cream of coffee (10)

Ice cream of coffee with white chocolate and roasted almonds (10)

Glass of Zweigelt Eiswein from Austria with matching chocolates (10)

Variety of French cheeses with a glass of 10 year old Taylor’s Tawny port (17)
with a glass of 20 year old Taylor’s Tawny port (20)

Three course menu

€ 37,-

Slowly cooked bacon with chicory, avocado, ham mousse and brioche

Fillet of bass with various vegetables, mushrooms and potatoes, lobster sauce

Dessert of rhubarb, lavender and grapes

Including wine arrangement € 55,- p.p.



Eight course tasting menu

€ 72,00

For the enthusiast we can serve an eight-course tasting from the menu.
This is only served per table and the order should be placed before 19.30 hours.

Vanaf prijs (prijs per persoon)

Reserveer direct!

(0573) - 45 21 47

Van 1 mei tot 15 september is ons restaurant geopend van dinsdag t/m zondag. Het hotel is dan de gehele week geopend. Op maandag serveren we voor hotelgasten een driegangen menu om 18.30 uur.
Van 15 september tot 1 mei zijn zowel het hotel als het restaurant op maandag en dinsdag gesloten.